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LCEV Kid/JR 2007 Older
Instruction and Service Manual

LCEV Kid/JR 2008 Newer Instruction and Service Manual


1-Wheelchair base with brakes
2-Seat supports ; adjusting levers with skirt guard
3-Battery electronic unit with holder
4-;Front castors rear wheels
5-1-Backrest and armrests fix, non adjustable
5-2-Backrest, adjustable (in height, new)
6-Armrests, adjustable (in height, new)
7-Legrests fix, footrests 2 pcs. flip-up
8-Connecting rods, gas springs actuator
9-Upholstery, safety harness
10-Backrest extension, new table tray, seat cushion
11-Push handles, anti-tip rolls, tip aid, brake lever ext.
12- Hub brake, airless tyres
13- Footrest options, height adjustment
14-Legrest remov., footrest 1-pc flip-up
15- Chest pad, knee supp., foot guide
16-1-Armrests 6 cm wide fix
16-2-Armrest 6 cm wide, adjustable
17-1-Armrest round fix, control options
17-2-Armrest round adjust., control options
18-Frame reinforcement e-fix



LCEV Kid/JR Parts List 2008; Newer

1- Wheelchair base

2- Basic frame assembly

3- Seat support assembly

4- Backerest frame assembly

5- Stand up unit

6- Battery ; electronic Unit

7; Rear wheel options

8-;Spinergy rear wheel options

9- Armrest assembly

10- Anti-tip assembly

11-;Front caster options

12- Upholstery ; safety harness






LCEV Kid/JR Parts List 2008; Newer-Continued

13- Seat depth/footrest quick adjustment

14-;Table tray- Fixed

15-;Stroller handle option

16- Foot guides

17- Brake lever extensions

18- Dual Switch for table control

19- Legrest ; footrest assy