Quadraplegic Zouhair 2

Quadraplegic Zouhair 3

Father of the bride with both feet on the ground
44-year old Zouhair is a quadriplegic and normally he was forced to sit in a wheelchair. Then he got a LEVO Standing Wheelchair and took everyone by surprise when he gave a wedding speech to his daughter while standing up on his own.

“With my LEVO stand-up wheelchair, I can stand up where I want and when I want. This means new possibilities for me and for my family as well. For example, at my daughter's wedding I gave my speech to her while standing up – I couldn't have done that without my LEVO Wheelchair with the Electric Standing Function,” says Zouhair with a smile.

Zouhair runs the restaurant Victoria in the heart of Århus. He originates from Tunisia, but he moved to Denmark in 1985 when he met Birgitte. They have now been married for 20 years, and they have a son who is 16 years and a daughter who is 24 years old. They enjoy their first 2-year old grandchild, and they spend much more time with the grandchild than they spent with their own children when they were small. At that time the restaurant was a big time consumer and in fact, it still is.

Zouhair enjoys using the LEVO Standing Wheelchair at parties allowing him to stand up and drink a toast with the other guests. Also at work, LEVO is a help to Zouhair, especially when he wants to take down wine from the shelves and speak to the customers.

“I have tried to engage in tennis and swimming activities. Unfortunately, I had to abandon these activities due to lack of time,” says Zouhair leaving no doubt that the restaurant is a passion that fulfills his and Birgitte's life.

"After all, a hug is best standing up"

Zouhair became a quadriplegic after a swimming accident in the summer of 1991. He got his LEVO LCEV Standing Wheelchair with Electric Standing Function in 2003 and he is very fond of it.

“I got the LEVO Wheelchair especially due to problems I had using a standing-support table that I fell out of. Additional reasons were due to incipient contractures in the legs, and having the ability to get up to a standing position in the restaurant and in other social activity situations,” Zouhair says.

Primarily, Zouhair uses his LEVO Wheelchair to get up to a standing position as part of his physiotherapy training. According to Zouhair, his LEVO Standing Wheelchair has no doubt given him a number of physical benefits: “Getting up to standing position is good exercise for my legs and it has good impact on the contractures. I have also achieved better blood circulation that will reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and pressure sores.”

What the family likes best about the LEVO Standing Wheelchair is that they can hug their father and husband while he is standing up. “Whenever Zouhair is standing in his LEVO Wheelchair, at home, we all will line up to give him a hug. After all, a hug is best standing up. And it helps us to remember him with his full height he had before the accident. He was, and still is, so wonderful” Birgitte says with eyes full of warmth and love.