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Brave New World
Nicolaj is 12 years old and has spina bifida. With his LEVO Standing Technology Wheelchair a whole new world has opened up to him. Now he can play ball, reach the top shelves in the refrigerator and stand up at the blackboard at school.

“We haven't had the LEVO Standing Wheelchair very long, but we already see a lot of new possibilities for Nicolaj. Possibilities he never had before. He is no longer dependent on a caregiver when he wants to get up. He is able to stand up at the blackboard at school, for instance, and he can play ball with his friends standing up,” Nicolaj's parents, Githa and Christian say.

Nicolaj has spina bifida and was paralyzed from the abdomen down. He must stand up approximately once every hour in order to strengthen his bones and muscles. At first the intention was to get Nicolaj a standing-support, but then his parents heard about the LEVO Wheelchair with the Electric Standing Function.

“It sounded like just the chair for Nicolaj. We don’t need to plan when it's time to lift him from wheelchair to standing-support. Now he can just get up whenever it suits him. He has greatly increased his freedom with the LEVO Standing Wheelchair,” Nicolaj's parents explain.

Nicolaj can choose to stand or just raise the chair gradually. The changing positions during the day are good for Nicolaj's body and his general well-being. Also Nicolaj's physiotherapist is pleased with the LEVO Standing Wheelchair because it is now easier to stretch Nicolaj's hips, knees etc. To Nicolaj's great delight, LEVO means less stretch exercises. The many physical advantages of LEVO Wheelchairs are tangible and so are the freedom and the social benefits that LEVO Standing Wheelchairs offer. For Nicolaj his LEVO chair has made a lot of things easier and more fun to participate in.

"With LEVO Nicolaj has greatly increased his freedom"

“At home Nicolaj can now take his cloths down from the wardrobe upper shelves all by himself, he can reach his things in the closet racks, and he can help out with the cooking. Also, Nicolaj has always been fond of playing miniature golf, and now when he is able to stand up, it is much easier for him to participate,” Nicolaj's parents say.

Nicolaj needs to go to the bathroom approx. every 3 hours to empty his bladder. As he cannot yet insert a catheter by himself, Nicolaj's parents or caregivers have previously had to put him onto a bed so they could insert the catheter while he was lying down. That was a hard, uncomfortable and time-consuming job.

“With the LEVO Standing Wheelchair we can now insert the catheter in a standing position in the bathroom. This takes less time and is therefore much better for Nicolaj, but also for his parents as it was getting more difficult for us to lift him back over into the wheelchair again,” Nicolaj's parents say.

When going places, it is also an advantage to be able to insert the catheter while Nicolaj is standing, as it is often hard to find a toilet with facilities that would allow him to lie down. Yet another important benefit is that is has become easier for Nicolaj to empty his bladder completely and just as important, that Nicolaj is able to “pee standing up – just like his buddies and his dad.”