Tetraplegic Erik 2

Digestion and leg problems
Erik is 52 years old and a tetraplegic. He found that utilizing the power standing function of his LEVO Standing Wheelchair has relieved his digestion problems and he is more comfortable now. Erick also says his leg problems are much improved as well, thanks to his LEVO Standing Wheelchair which gives him the ability to stand on his own, stretching his leg muscles and relieving pressure points.

“My legs and my digestion activity are much better, now that I have started using the power standing function of my LEVO Standing Wheelchair. Especially after lots of bacon with parsley sauce or similar fatty foods, I use the LEVO diligently. Fatty foods don’t really agree with me, but all the same I like to taste it now and then,” Erik says with a big smile.

“It was a former co-worker who recommended I try out the LEVO Standing Technology Wheelchair. I did and I never regretted it. To me there is no doubt that standing improves my digestion and many other functions,” Erik claims.

Erik is, first of all, a fighter and one of a kind. He does not fit into some box. Despite the tetraplegic diagnosis, he can move his arms and legs and do many things by himself. “In fact, I can get up and stand on my own and walk a few steps on crutches. But when I'm standing up by means of the crutches, I use so much energy to keep me up that I cannot relax - instead I feel tension all over my body. With my LEVO Standing Wheelchair I can stand up and relax at the same time,” Erik says.

Erik broke his neck in a trampoline accident in 1985 when he tried to do an impressive finale for the honor of the children who were watching. Erik was an agile trampoline jumper, however, the trampoline was not intended for adults, and Erick suffered a terrible injury. “I could feel that the trampoline was not good, but the daredevil in me urged me on,” Erik said. The accident affected his relationship so bad that Erik and his live-in girlfriend broke up, although they still are friends. Erik now lives with his current girlfriend, Christine who has been with him for the last 10 years.

"There is no doubt that the standing function on my LEVO Standing Wheelchair provides me with many health, body function, psychological, social and financial benefits.”

At first, he was a trained auto electrical engineer, but he never used his education directly. Instead he did what he wanted to do, e.g. he worked for a long time as a technician within radio and TV. When computers began to appear in the early 1980s, Erik was on the cutting edge and according to himself; he is now a bit of a computer freak. “I always had the newest computers. But not any longer, it's simply too expensive,” Erik says.

Today, Erik fixes computers for his friends, acquaintances and former employers. He can do most of it from home, but when necessary, he can also take the car to lend a hand which also helps Eric build new relationships and maintain existing ones.

It is very important for Erik to be as independent as possible. It can be done with his fighting spirit and the auxiliary means. “With my LEVO Standing Wheelchair, my manual wheelchair and my crosser, I'm well off and able to do most things myself, and that's what I appreciate,” concludes Erik and adds: “Among the best things about my LEVO is the ability to stand up and give and receive hugs. A hug is just something else when you have the possibility to stand up.”