• Why Stand?

The Most Advanced Standing Wheelchairs in the World

LEVO has spent 40 years as the global leader in standing wheelchair technology and rehabilitative design through continuous research and development. With pride, we guarantee you biomechanically perfectly matched lying, sitting and standing positions, combined with excellent wheelchair properties in terms of maneuverability, size, weight, design and individual equipment, depending on the model. All products are tested by internationally recognized test institutes.

Finding the Right Standing Wheelchair for You:

The appropriate choice of wheelchair depends on many criteria. Consider the following three guidelines for choosing the appropriate model to enhance your quality of life:

1. Disability or Illness

  • What is the strength in the arms and upper body?
  • What is the level of bilateral disability?
  • If the disability is caused by an illness, is it progressive?
  • Is there enough mental ability to properly operate a powered wheelchair?
  • What is the age and motivation of the user?

2. Location & Environment

  • How often will the wheelchair be used out of doors?
  • What is the quality of the ground or surface the chair will be used on most?
  • To what degree does the user experience slopes, ramps, or stair lifts in their daily life? If the user has an in-home lift, what is the capacity of the stair lift?
  • What are the widths of the doors that the wheelchair will pass through?
  • Will the wheelchair need to be transported on a regular basis or placed in storage for long periods of time?

3. Application & Lifestyle

  • Will the wheelchair be used as an everyday wheelchair?
  • Will it be used primarily for standing therapy only?
  • Will it be used for working?
  • If used for work, will it require a detachable table surface?
  • Will the chair be used by more than one person?
  • Will there consistently or always be a helper present?

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