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Service Partners

Service is the lifeblood of LEVO: it flows from everything we do, and our entire organization is nourished by it. At LEVO, service is not a department–it’s an attitude.

The LEVO Service Team strives to provide world-class customer service supporting our products. This commitment begins with an exceptional group of telephone support personnel who in turn support a worldwide network of service providers. Replacement part inventories are maintained at levels that allow same day part shipment 95% of the time. The design of our product results in efficient telephone troubleshooting and quick change outs once the replacement parts arrive. We continuously work to earn our customers trust and confidence.

LEVO has also developed an extensive national and international service network that our competitors can’t match. With over 125 service companies across North America and in 5 foreign countries, we can help you maintain your LEVO product and maximize its productivity. If you are unsure who your local service provider is, contact us and we will be happy to provide the information.