• Why Stand?

Our Vision

Levo will be the leader in stand-up wheelchairs . We will provide our clients with innovative solutions and products, delivering the greatest value, supported with exceptional service.

Our Values

Four core values serve as the cornerstone of Levo. These guiding principles provide the compass to guide as and our benchmark of accountability as we strive to achieve our vision.

Serving Our Clients

We will work together with our clients and stakeholders in the disabled community to enhance and improve the physical and psychological health of those clients who will benefit from the ownership and use of standing wheelchairs.

Serving Our Team and Their Families

We will provide our team members with the opportunity to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in an environment based on mutual respect and accountability.

Serving Our Community

We will share our time, energy, and a generous portion of our success with our neighbors. Levo USA will annually contribute a portion of our time and financial resources to worthy charities.

Practicing Stewardship

We will operate our company in a manner that respects the resources entrusted to us. Our solutions and products will be designed and built to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.