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LAE 2007 & Older
Instruction and Service Manual

LAE 2008 & Newer Instruction and Service Manual

LAE Parts List 2007 & Older

Wheelchair base with brakes

Seat supports & adjusting levers

Arm with stand-up release mechanism

Front castors & rear wheels


Legrest, footrest

Connecting rods & gas springs

Upholstery, safety harness

Two-piece footrests

Backrest extension, seat cushion

Push handles, anti-tip rolls

Hub brake

Footrest options, height adjustment

Chest pad, knee supp., foot guide

Leg rest removeable

One arm drive


LAE Parts List 2008 & Newer


LAE Parts List 2008 & Newer-Continued

23-Backrest upholstery

24- Knee support

25- Seat cushions

26- Options & Accessories

27- Seat depth/footrest quick adjustment

28- Footrest height adapter

29- Hub locking brakes

30- Drum brakes

31- One arm drive

32- Push handles

33- Anti-tip options

34- Traditional anti-tips

35- Swing away anti-tips

36- Tip aid for Attentdant

37- Foot guides

38- Brake lever extensions

39- Frame reinforcement

40- Backrest system

41- Vehicle tie down kit

42- Table tray

43- Backrest parts for table tray

44- Sports Knee Support

45- Rigid Knee Support

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